Army Cadet Force

During the early part of 2008 the School launched a detachment of the Army Cadet Force (ACF). The ACF is one of the UK's oldest, largest and most successful youth organisations with over 44,000 cadets and 8000 cadet instructors located in over 1700 Cadet Centres across the UK.

The ACF is open to all Year 8 and above and they work towards their Army Proficiency Certificate. This is set up with stars, starting with base star and progressing through to 1*, 2*, 3* and 4*. These all involve such topics as drill and turnout, military knowledge, skill at arms (correct and safe use of weapons), shooting, first aid, map and compass, expedition training, fieldcraft, physical training and citizenship.
Cadets also help at the Bosworth Show and the Victory Show in Cosby. At the Victory Show the cadets spent much of their time selling programmes and raising funds for Help For Heroes. Other achievements include three cadets who have swum for the county and two who have swum for Eastern District in the national finals - a competition we won. Also, two cadets have been selected to play rugby for the county, one has played hockey for the county and four cadets have attended the annual Ski Cadet to Austria. 
Other activities include taking part in Remembrance Day Services and a commemorative service for Sgt Pilot Herbert Black, a former pupil of the School who died during the Battle of Britain. All the cadets undertake training away in the field and on occasion at our training area at Yardley Chase among other places. 
There is an annual camp, the 2009 camp was at Castle Martin in Wales and the 2010 camp will be in Sennybridge, also in Wales. 

At our first annual inspection in 2008 we gained the highest grading available. Below are just as few comments from Cadets: 

"The ACF is an extremely good extra-curricular activity that I am enjoying. At weekly detachment meetings, not only do we improve our cadet career and enjoy ourselves, but we have the opportunity to make new friends. The ACF also teaches us about discipline, punctuality and other aspects of life that will help us in the future."
 "I enjoyed the ACF weekend course, I gained my base star level and had an opportunity to have a go at shooting, drill and turnout and taking part in the Heartstart Life Support course."

"The weekend course was fantastic because I came out of it feeling I had really achieved something good. The weekend was crammed full of different activities. The best bit was shooting at a tin can with an air rifle. Achieving my first badge made me feel really good. It was just amazing." 

For further information please contact the School Office. ACF is held on Wednesday 4.15pm onwards, School Hall. 

To find out more about Dixie Troop's on-going activities (in and out of school time) visit the Leicestershire, Northamptonshire & Rutland Army Cadet Website