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Were you a pupil at The Dixie Grammar School?

We have a rapidly growing and active alumni, which we are constantly looking to develop further.  Whilst the alumni is still in its infancy, we believe there is much to be gained for all concerned and many ex-students have returned to assist the school and share their experiences post Dixie.  Why not email and let us have your contact details? We look forward to hearing from you.

Alumni News

News from Mrs Harland: I have had a lovely time catching up with 

Emily Davis 1st Class Law degree from Durham, working for a big Law firm in Leeds who are paying for her LPC exams

Eve Gooden 1st class Biomedical science degree from Imperial doing the international NCS volunteer work towards the end of the year after travelling in the summer

Stefan Roy 2.1 class Actuarial Sciences degree from City University and doing 2 internships over the summer, one in Gibraltar, before looking for a permanent job.

Harry Handford going into his 3rd year of Chemical Engineering and going to Australia for a year, as part of his degree, in a week. Lazar Simic is going to King's to do a Masters in international relations and politics.

Whilst at the Thurlaston Carnival 10/6/17, Guy Worley & Felicity Padbury (they met in the Sixth form and are now married!) and Oliver Worley were spotted - they were there as part of a wider family celebration. Many happy Dixie memories were recalled and both Guy and Felicity have offered their skills to help current Dixie students. 

Guy is a colorectal surgeon, Felicity a Copywriter and Olly a media professional. 

Dr John Buckell, former Dixie student and postdoctoral fellow of health economics at Yale University, came back to school to speak to the Sixth Form on the topic 'Can e-cigarettes help with the problems of tobacco'. Pictured with his former teacher, Mr Dalton.

We were delighted to chat to former student (2016) Jordan Henshaw - studied French, German, Mandarin and English Lit at A Level and is now in his second year of Chinese and Japanese Studies at Durham and organising his third year, which will be spent studying at university in Beijing. It was wonderful to hear him talking fluently in Chinese to Miss Chen!


We were very fortunate to welcome former Head Girl Kate Oliver back to Dixie to talk to the Business A Level students about her European Business degree. She was able to impart valuable information to students on the many benefits of embarking on a four year degree including a year's study in France (with all lectures in French!) and a placement at Warner Brothers in London.

Kate Smart 'I really enjoyed her presentation and now appreciate the value of a placement from both an experience and networking perspective.'

Millie Hemus 'The 4 year course is a good idea, the experience gained enables you to stand out in future applications'.

Angus Nickols '2000 applicants for one position on the Boots graduate scheme for Logistics was surprising!'

Henry Mackley 'It was interesting that there were a range of graduates from different subject specialisms applying for Kate's role. It wasn't just Business related subjects.'

Dom Skeat 'I enjoyed the content of her presentation, there was lots of information'.

Sixth Formers at Dixie were treated to an insightful and inspiring talk from former Dixie student, Natasha Kendall, who left the school in 2000.  Having studied German at A level and German with Media & Cultural Studies at university, Natasha spent a year in Munich before graduating and then completing a Masters.  Following a year working for a social research company, Natasha gained a position in the global commercial market research company, Nielsen.

Natasha was able to share information on what makes the current generation of Millennials tick and the importance of this analysis in marketing as well as some memories of Mr Kirkwood, who had taught Natasha when she was a student.

We were delighted to welcome back Sophie Lashford (leaver 2005-06) to help us celebrate the school being awarded Confucius Classroom status.

Amy Swift (leaver 2010-11) visited school recently to inform the school of her work as manager of a charity in Sri Lanka.  She spoke of the poverty and devastation wreaked by the 2004 tsunami.  We were delighted that she returned some days later to completely fill her car with gifts to take back with her to Sri Lanka from the students at Dixie.

Robert Crowfoot (leaver 2002-2003) and brother of Daniel appeared in full redcoat uniform to speak to School about his experiences as a reenactor but also to talk about the battle of Waterloo on this its 200th anniversary. Describing battlefield tactics as well as the day to day life of the British soldier, students in Lower School were particularly enthralled for the best part of an hour.