House Photographic Competition Winners 2015

The 2015 inter-House Photographic Competition launched by Mr Paul Smith, Chair of Governors, was extremely well supported with 187 individual entries. The competition was of a very high standard, and the judges, including members of the local Rotary club and a professional photographer, found the entries very difficult to separate.

In each category there were 3 winners - from the lower, middle and upper school.

Landscape & Travel winners:

Lower School: Amber Jackson (Blue sky/trees)
Middle School: Katy Hurst (purple sky)
Upper School: Abby Riley (show and lake)

Portrait category winners:

Lower School: Alice Whitmore (girl)
Middle School: Cameron Overton (Blacksmith)
Upper School: Zach Gauhar (Ducklings)


Action category winners:

Lower School: Ethan Kirwan-Jones (Trampoline)
Middle School: Jared Cutler (5 people in mud)
Upper School: James Evans (Pop Singer)



The overall winners in each category were:

Landscape & Travel : Katy Hurst 
Portrait: Alice Whitmore
Action: Ethan Kirwan-Jones

and the overall winner of the competition: Alice Whitmore

Many thanks and congratulations to all who took part and to the Governors for providing such impressive prizes.