Sixth Form visit to Churchill Precision Engineering

On Thursday 2nd February the sixth form Business students had the opportunity to visit Churchill Precision Engineering and enjoy a presentation by Mr Churchill, also a Dixie Governor. During this visit, students learnt not only about the firm’s product portfolio and medium to long term strategic plan, but also the additional skills and characteristics that make them attractive to future universities and employers. A highly enjoyable and informative morning where students saw The Boston Matrix and other business theories and models used in a plethora of ways to inform decision making in a real firm environment. Many students commented on how this had enhanced their understanding and application of these tools and that it would help them apply them to a scenario in their Business exams. A huge thanks to Mr Churchill for a highly engaging and valuable visit.

I was really inspired by Mr Churchill’s talk as he showed me how everything that I am learning in my business A-Level is used in a real business. It was also really nice to see how invested he is in his employees. (Kate Smart)

The talk Mr Churchill provided was extremely helpful to a business student as he managed to not just focus on Churchill’s business but the subject as a whole. It was great to see how what we learn and study is used in a real scenario. (Dom Skeat)

I thought it was very interesting seeing how a real business uses tools we have learned about in class to plan the future of the business. Also learning how just by changing the layout of the factory it can significantly decrease the distance workers have to walk and therefore increasing speed and efficiency. (Milly Hemus)

It was an informative day, and the factory tour was interesting. The presentation on the business operations gave a good idea of how the business is organised and when and how they plan operations. (Henry Mackley)

I thought the trip to Churchill’s was an enjoyable and very informative trip that helped me to learn a lot about how a business is run. I was impressed with the CEO and his knowledge of the market as a whole as well as his previous experience all around the world. Another interesting point was the fact that he still uses Boston boxes and marketing maps in order to help him run his business which helps to show what we are learning will really benefit us in the future. Overall, it was a very useful trip that I’m sure will help me later on in the business course and during my exams. (Angus Nickols)

I think that the trip to Churchill’s was very beneficial and interesting, I was very grateful that he added life skills into his presentation as it gave us ideas for future interviews and how to make us stand out from other candidates at universities and work places. It was a great opportunity to put what we had learnt in class into practise and it really helped me understand it in depth. Mr Churchill was very thorough in his presentation and I appreciate the time he took out of his working day to allow us to visit his business. It was a great trip and very worthwhile. (Steph Jackson)