“Pupils have reached the national finals in the UK Maths Challenge, are regular medallists in Chemistry and Biology Olympiads, and achieve highly in myriad art, English and sports competitions.”

ISI Inspection Report 2022

I wonder how many Head teachers would suggest that school life for their pupils consists of a timetable of risks? Instead of teaching children to simply paint by numbers, we give them a large, blank canvas on which they can express their true flair, creativity and talent. At the Dixie, from 3-18 we expect our pupils to do more than just stay between the lines, constrained in their aspirations by mediocre expectations. We continually encourage pupils to widen their horizons, develop new skills, to take risks outside their comfort zones and, by doing so, to reach extraordinary heights of achievement.

Staff, students, parents and visiting teachers run over 75 clubs and societies each week from 3-18: everything from Astronaut training to knitting, STEM club to Dixie Diggers.  Manners, employability and leadership skills, initiative, confidence without arrogance, loyalty, persistence, resilience, honesty and self-assurance are given equal value to the academic. Our focus on these personal skills alongside the academic does not stifle our students’ academic achievement – quite the opposite. From 3 to 18, school life is exciting and challenging; our happy pupils enjoy the rich variety offered in school, they challenge themselves and gain the confidence and skills that will enable them to move to the next stage of their education.

Pupils achieve at a high level, both in the curriculum and in an extensive programme of co-curricular activities.”