Academic Scholarships for Year 6 and 7 candidates are awarded on the basis of the assessments held in January. No separate application is required, all candidates will be considered automatically.

Please note that it is Governors’ Policy that the total of any scholarships shall not exceed £1000 per annum. However, winners of scholarships may also be eligible for bursary support.

Further details of all scholarships can be accessed by clicking on the links at the bottom of the page.

For further information please contact us on, Tel. 01455 292244 or email

Sixth Form Academic Scholarships are available for academic excellence, art, music and sport. Examinations, interviews and auditions are held in January/February each year. Candidates choose three subjects that they intended to take at AS level. In certain cases there will be certain exceptions to this principle (for example if you wish to take Business Studies), but if you wish to be examined in a subject that you are not planning to take at A-Level, you must first obtain the School’s agreement. In addition to taking the examination, all candidates will be entered.

Art Scholarships

Art Scholarships are awarded to students of outstanding ability who have shown a constant commitment to the subject throughout their school career, but especially in their GCSE studies.

Music Scholarships

Music Scholarships may be offered to Sixth Form students who demonstrate the highest of musical performance in one or more instruments or voice.

Sports Scholarships

Sports Scholarships are offered to candidates of exceptional sporting standard (they will have county representative honours) and of high academic standard who wish to study Sport and Physical Education at A-Level.