Stimulating and lively discussion is at the centre of students’ experience of History at The Dixie.

Trips to the battlefields of France and Belgium, to the Bosworth Battlefield, Beth Shalom and the Galleries of Justice, to Poland and Germany are all part of the students’ experience of studying History at The Dixie. Debate, discussion and creativity are encouraged not only in lessons but also through the very popular History Society. An emphasis on academic rigour and the innate value of studying History produces students who can think critically, speak eloquently and write with flair.

The time for extracting a lesson from history is ever at hand for those who are wise.


At The Dixie, Geography:

  • Provides our pupils with an understanding of their place in world society
  • Encourages sympathy and understanding of other cultures and traditions
  • Develops awareness of and an appreciation for the environment and its sustainable development
  • Develops investigative and study skills valuable to both academic success and the world of work
  • Gain knowledge of changes over time and space in the physical, human and environmental nature of the world

As part of the Geography curriculum we provide pupils with an opportunity to participate in a residential fieldtrip to the Dorset coast. We also offer a residential trip to North West Wales for our A-level students and fieldwork opportunities for those studying IGCSE.

We also offer a drop-in session one lunchtime each week where pupils can receive help with homework tasks, catch up with any work missed and participate in extended learning projects for example building volcanoes.

Religious Studies

At The Dixie students develop respect And appreciation for all religions and points of view. Students understand the contribution of Christianity to the cultural identity of Britain. Students learn about and respect the beliefs of people from other faiths and understand how these beliefs and values affect ways of living. This is vital in our multi-cultural society and at a time when people travel widely for work and recreation.

Students become aware of the spiritual dimension in life and have the chance to reflect on their experiences and deepen their understanding of the meaning of life.

Students also have the opportunity to appreciate how religious beliefs contribute to personal morality and social responsibility. Students are encouraged to view issues from a variety of perspectives and are given the opportunity to think for themselves and through discussion students are encouraged to debate both orally and on paper – skills highly valued by universities and in the work place.

The International Dimension
As an International School, we foster an interest in and understanding of many of the world’s religions and cultures, to prepare our students to be global citizens of the 21st century.

Leicester is a multi-cultural city nearby which offers many opportunities for learning about a wide variety of faiths. We visit many different places of worship each year, such as the Orthodox synagogue, Masjid Umar (mosque) Shree Jalaram and BAPS Swaminaryan Hindu temples, We also go to the Guru Nanak gurdwara in Nuneaton, the Nagarjuna Buddhist Centre in Kelmarsh and St Peter’s Church, Market Bosworth.

Students’ learning is reinforced through the celebration of festivals with appropriate foods, stories, music and dance. Diwali is a particular favourite. We also celebrate Chinese New Year because of our close links with the Baxian School in Chongqing.