It’s Who We Are, It’s What We Do!

At The Dixie all students have both a well-rounded understanding and an enthusiasm for science.
All students study the three separate sciences Biology, Chemistry and Physics from Year 7 to Year 11. Teaching is by subject specialists in a dedicated science block.

We Love Practical Work!

A strong emphasis is put on teaching through practical work.

Students have the opportunity to hear prestigious scientists talk at the school:

  • Professor George Gray inventor of the chemistry of LCDs
  • Professor Sir Alec Jeffreys Inventor of genetic finger printing
  • Professor Sir Peter Mansfield FRC, Nobel Prize Winner for Medicine 2003, who explained how he came to invent the MRI scanner
  • Professor Jeff Hoffman, the astronaut who ‘fixed’ the Hubble telescope.

Science Week

The School also hosts a bi-annual Science Week focusing on a different theme. These have ranged from CSI to DNA and from engineering to fashion.

A New Renaissance? Science And Art

We strongly believe in the renaissance ideal; that students should have an equal understanding and appreciation of what we now separate into science and art, and therefore encourage cross curricular links wherever possible. If you look around our department you will see examples of students’ art inspired by scientific themes.