PSHCE (Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education) lessons enable students to voice their opinions in a non-judgemental and relaxed environment.

Students at The Dixie have a PSHCE curriculum taught on a weekly basis which serves to establish a rapport between teachers and students, which enables problems to be aired and strategies implemented to enhance students’ whole school experience.

The diversity of the schemes of work and also the teaching and learning strategies serve to emphasise the friendly and nurturing atmosphere of the school.

The schemes of work are comprehensive, but adaptable, in order to be up-to–date and reflect the issues of the current world and also to include topics, which are important to individual students, whether they be of a personal, social or economic nature.

The current affairs lessons once a month are well-regarded and students enjoy discussing news items as a class.

The “time to think” strategy, in which each student has a chance to speak without being interrupted by anyone, including the teacher, has been a valuable tool in building student confidence. The primary aim of this strategy is to listen carefully and not be anxious to come up with an answer. The student is given time to think when it is their turn. The result of this technique has been a higher level of intelligent comments and therefore an increasing understanding of the world.