On the 22nd of June, Year 8 and 9 went on a trip to Drayton Manor Theme Park.

We started the day with an interactive talk/activity that lasted for one hour. A member of the education team told us about the history of the park and how it developed over time. The last half an hour was down to us to help re-design a specific section of the park. We were asked to choose a theme and design a ride, souvenir shop and the catering area. We worked in groups of four, each person in the team tasked to produce a final product that everyone would see at the end. 

After that we were left to roam the park for the rest of the day and have fun. The day was full of many happy faces and giggles. The staff and teachers were lovely and helped to make it a really enjoyable day. 

I think this was a great trip as it was partly educational but it kept my attention. I loved how the Drayton team involved us and didn’t just talk for ages, as I believe that would have been boring. I also loved the teachers letting us roam around the park in groups, as this made it a more enjoyable experience. It was nice to have a sense of freedom and it was great to have this after all our exams. 

I hope they organise this trip again next year as I really enjoyed it. 


Written by Jess Falshaw, 8S