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Independent schools are judged by ISI in 8 categories: the quality of pupils’ learning and achievement, the contribution of curricular and extra-curricular provision, the contribution of teaching, the spiritual moral social and cultural development of the pupils, the contribution of arrangements for pastoral care, the contribution of arrangements for welfare health and safety, the quality of governance and finally, the quality of leadership and management. In each category, inspectors use a 4-point scale — Excellent, Good, Sound or Unsatisfactory. ‘Excellent’ is the top grade and as such is equivalent to ‘Outstanding’ in the maintained sector.

We are absolutely delighted that the inspectors judged the Dixie to be ‘Excellent’ in each and every category.

To give you a flavour of the document, the following excerpts summarise their findings:

Excellent teaching strongly supports the aims of the school and draws on both strong relationships and the fostering of excellent behaviour.

Pupils show overwhelmingly positive attitudes to learning

Pupils spoke of their enjoyment of lessons and their appreciation for being pushed to succeed

The quality of teaching is excellent

Extremely well-planned lessons, suitable for the ages and abilities of the pupils, result in lessons which engage and enthuse pupils

Teachers give generously of their time out of class to help pupils learn. Pupils are highly appreciative of this.

Pupils’ personal development is excellent

Excellent pastoral care ensures that pupils enjoy a positive environment

Children in the EYFS achieve extremely well. They are motivated and enthusiastic learners who respond strongly to the staff’s high expectations of them.

In the Sixth Form, pupils demonstrate excellent skills in independent working, reasoning and investigation.

Relationships are particularly strong between staff and pupils – staff know pupils extremely well.

Pupils feel safe, secure and confident – throughout the school, measures to safeguard pupils are exemplary

The most positive response in the return from parents was to the statement, ‘The school is well led and managed’, to which all parents agreed.

Parents are delighted with the way the school deals with each pupil as an individual.

Without ‘blowing our own trumpet’ I could not be prouder of the school, staff, parents and pupils and I am thrilled that no school in the wider area has received a more glowing assessment from ISI.

Richard Lynn4 November 2015