Our sixth form historians attended an A level conference on the Making of Modern Britain in London on 10 March. It was a fantastic opportunity to hear such eminent academics and writers as Dr Dominic Sandbrook, Dr Robert Saunders and  Dr Martin Frampton. They spoke eloquently and passionately about British Society 1951-2007, Thatcher and Blair. Indeed they gave us all much food for thought.

This is what some of our sixth formers thought about the day:

Harry Broughton “It was incredibly inspiring to go to a lecture given by such eminent historians who offered quite different viewpoints, which will certainly be useful for my exams.”

Kate Smart “I felt it was really beneficial to learn such eye-opening personal opinions. I will definitely consider them during the rest of my course.”

Ed Platts “ Extremely valuable interpretations  for my studies.”

Richard Wilkinson “ The conference was extremely interesting and the different historical debates will prove useful in our exams.”

A very well worth trip hopefully making our students more accomplished and relishing the dynamic nature of the subject.


Jyoti Prasher-Malde

Head of History