We were very fortunate to welcome former Head Girl Kate Oliver back to Dixie to talk to the Business A Level students about her European Business degree. She was able to impart valuable information to students on the many benefits of embarking on a four year degree including a year’s study in France (with all lectures in French!) and a placement at Warner Brothers in London.

Kate Smart ‘I really enjoyed her presentation and now appreciate the value of a placement from both an experience and networking perspective.’

Millie Hemus ‘The 4 year course is a good idea, the experience gained enables you to stand out in future applications’.

Angus Nickols ‘2000 applicants for one position on the Boots graduate scheme for Logistics was surprising!’

Henry Mackley ‘It was interesting that there were a range of graduates from different subject specialisms applying for Kate’s role. It wasn’t just Business related subjects.’

Dom Skeat ‘I enjoyed the content of her presentation, there was lots of information’.