Business A Level Trip to Suncream Dairies

On Tuesday 28 February, A Level Business students had the opportunity to visit Suncream Dairies, view their operations and ask Rebecca Manfredi and her team about how she runs a multi-award winning business. It was particularly pertinent for students to experience the meticulous attention to detail observed in the factory to maintain the highest levels quality. Many theoretical areas were brought to life including how day to day tactical, as well as strategic decisions are taken and the necessity to work collectively towards business objectives.

Students benefitted from being able to ask questions about all areas of the business as well as how Brexit had affected the firm to date. We are most grateful to Rebecca and her team for their time and also for the delicious ice cream!

The trip to Suncream Dairies was a very useful experience. It was interesting to find out about how important the quality of the ice cream was and also the importance of traceability in order to trace every tub of ice cream made in case of an issue. It was also interesting to hear how Brexit had affected the business due to an increase in the cost of supplies. 

The trip was informative. We learned lots about quality systems in food businesses and the extra precautions they have to take. (Henry Mackley)

I found it interesting that Brexit affected Sun Cream Dairies and how it had increased the price of ingredients. (Harry Palmer)

All questions were answered very thoroughly indeed. Rebecca’s  responses about Brexit were very interesting to find out. The graphs that Jordan gave on the talk were fascinating and the ice cream was very nice! (Harry Farrell)

It was really good to see first hand how all the things we learnt about the Operations function are done. (Vikram Odedra)

I really enjoyed our trip to Suncream Dairies and I found walking round the factory particularly interesting. I also really enjoyed getting to taste the ice cream. (Anna Finn)

It was very interactive with lots of chances to ask questions during the presentation and around the factory. It was great to see methods we learn in class used in the real world and getting to taste the products was a bonus! (Dom Skeat)

It was really interesting to look around the factory and was also a surprise as to how many meetings they have weekly – I thought the whole process was very thorough. (Kate Sinnott)

The trip was a useful insight into how the business works and is run. I found it interesting that they have regular meetings with all the staff to make sure they all know what is happening in the company and to make everyone feel motivated. (Brad Gledhill)