Year 6 Visit to the Junior School

Year 6 students were asked if they would give some advice to the Year 5 students about moving up to the senior school. Most of us volunteered so 8 names were pulled out. We then prepared a presentation during our form time about what it is like being a Year 6 student.

The 8 Year 6 students went to the junior school and we all talked about the different lessons, the tuck shop and lunches and misdemeanors. We talked about what we know now that we wished we knew in Year 5.

We think we gave the year 5s a lot of good advice. They asked lots of questions which we were able to answer.

Mrs Jones-Gerrard and Mrs Gresty our Year 5 teachers were amazed about how much we had grown. We said the lunches were better in the senior school than the junior school!!

byMichael Bamberger, Tom Daniels, Izzy Wilkes and Teagan Brown

Others:Megan Franklin, Fletcher Ashfield, Martha Hobkirk, Henry Green