SATS week – our Year 6 Students have been working hard in school during their PSHCE and Science lessons towards their Inventions and Entrepreneurial Skills Exhibition. The exhibition is a culmination of an exciting 4 month project, which is intended to encourage students to use key skills of leadership, communication, teamwork and creativity – the development of these skills are very important to us at the Dixie.

Students have spent time exploring significant inventions and considered how they have affected our lives. They have also engaged in discussions about the merits and importance of specific inventions found in our daily life at school.

We have been very impressed at how our Year 6 students have worked together to develop and improve important key skills. They have valued time for thinking constructively which has resulted in some unique creative ideas. Students have learnt to work collaboratively as well as on an individual basis, have focused on discussion and presentation skills and have considered the design, production and marketing of their invention.

At Dixie we place huge value on encouraging our students to think creatively as well as the value of learning to work collaboratively. We have provided them with a safe environment in which ideas can be adapted if they do not work initially and where they can recognise that setbacks are part of any creative or academic pursuit.