Results from the Year 9 Dixie v Twycross Athletics meeting.

Boys track: Dixie 122, Twycross 130Boys field: Dixie 120, Twycross 94

Girls track: Dixie 118, Twycross 106Girls field: Dixie 106, Twycross 104

Boys’ competition – Dixie 242 -224 Twycross (Dixie win)Girls competition – Dixie 224 -210 Twycross (Dixie win)

Overall result: DIXIE 466 -434 TWYCROSS

A fantastic afternoon of track & field was helped by the weather and resulted in a great win for our school. The element of competition against our local competitors brought the best out of our athletes and reflects well on the preparations our pupils have had with the England athletics day and after school practices. A huge well done to the whole of Year 9 who all participated in at least one event.