Dixie Grammar School GCSE Results 2017

Whoops of delight were ringing around the Dixie Grammar School this morning as our talented Year 11 opened their GCSE results. The turbulence predicted by the media has not affected our outstanding young adults and with well over a quarter of all GCSE grades at A* (101 out of 375 exams sat), our students have been richly rewarded for their hard work and consistent application. They have laid the firmest of foundations for the next two years of study and the staff here are very proud of their achievements.

GCSE Results





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Deserving of a special mention are Eniola Awodiya who secured the perfect 10 A* grades out of 10, Zach Gauhar, Reuben Stephenson and Anna Sykes who were rewarded with 8 A* and 2 A grades and Georgia Ellis with 8 A* and one A grade.

The highest grades do not necessarily represent the greatest achievements and the benefits of the unique education at the Dixie Grammar School are not always measurable by an exam or easily represented by statistics. Our students have hit the academic heights, but have also been challenged with four weeks trekking across Borneo this summer, whilst others have enjoyed a breath-taking trip to China.  Academic excellence is at the heart of the Dixie Grammar School, but we are not driven entirely by academic results. Manners, employability and leadership skills, initiative, confidence without arrogance, loyalty, persistence, resilience, honesty and self-assurance are given equal value; we understand that happy students learn most effectively.

We are delighted that so many of our students are returning to the small class sizes, leadership opportunities and expert tuition in our Sixth Form and that they will be joined by many starting at the Dixie in the Lower Sixth from other schools.

Richard Lynn