Coming off the back of their 2014 ISA tournament win, the Dixie girls were back and better than ever. After expelling the 3 year pile of dust that has collected on their hockey sticks. It was time.

The whistle blows, the attack begins. Goal time. Gracie Brooks fired a 2mph screamer past the bewildered goalie. 1-0.

Easy money. However it wasn’t plain sailing from now on, the ocean got choppy and the girls got seasick.

Half time score? 1-1.

After an uplifting half time talk, the opposition scored. But not to worry, after Freya Webley’s attempt at a bully off and admittedly beautiful play from the girls to pass the ball up the field, Gracie Brooks was there again to roll it in, with a little help from the goalie. 2-2

Nearing the end of nail biting match, Lichfield made a break. Bedlam. Pandemonium. Panic. As they bore down on goal, tensions heightened. With everything on the line, and Becky on the floor (again), Freya head butted her way to the goal, annihilating anyone in her way and made a heroic save. Salvation was upon us.

Final score 2-2

Shout out to Megan Clarke’s unconventional, and yet effective, style of play.

Man of the match goes to 13 year old Becky ‘a Savage’ Kennedy. She was a hero in goal deflecting goals like a north to north magnet, like Greta Thunberg to plastic. The crowd was electric and all that could be heard for miles around was ‘Both hands on the stick when she taps it, grabs it and slaps it, Becky’s a savage’