This morning, despite exam board downgrading of some results the Dixie Grammar School celebrated another excellent set of A level grades. Almost a quarter of all grades were awarded a coveted A* grade and over half at grades A* or A. The resilience of this year’s Upper Sixth have enabled them to cope with unprecedented circumstances, and whilst they are defined by far more than exam grades, the impressive young men and women leaving us do so with super results; they are assured of a very bright future.

A Level Results A* A*-A A*-B A*-C
2017 9% 35% 55% 79%
2018 11% 32% 59% 79%
2019 12% 26% 57% 82%
2020 22% 51% 76% 89%

Special mention should be made of Megan Clarke with 4 A* grades in Maths, Further Maths, French and Business Studies who goes on to study Economics at Cambridge; Katie Mears also secured four A* grades in Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry and goes on to study Mechanical Engineering at Warwick University. Gracie Brooks also secured top grades in Business Studies, French, Mandarin and an Extended Project Qualification, whilst Imogen Banton secured a clean sweep of top grades in Business Studies, English Literature and French.

Dixie’s strength in the creative subjects is highlighted by Lexie Kirwan-Jones’ success in achieving top grades and securing a competitive place at Edinburgh to study costume design. Chloe Vinestock and Jess Falshaw’s outstanding grades see them progress to study Medicine – maintaining the Dixie’s enviable record of success in this particular field.

Dixie does not measure success only by the attainment of academic results and this year group in particular have impressed throughout with their maturity, their capacity to lead and their support for one another.

Richard Lynn           Jon Dixon

Headmaster              Head of Sixth Form

Attached – George Gillies (AAA) and Lexie Kirwan-Jones (A*A*A*) proudly show off their results