With well over a third of all awarded GCSE grades at 8 or 9 (higher than the old Grade A), there was great celebration amongst the 53 Year 11 students at the Dixie Grammar School this morning.

GCSE Results 9 9/8 9/7 9/6 9/5 9/4
2019 12% 29% 46% 63% 79% 89%
2020 17% 36% 56% 74% 86% 97%


Amongst the highlights of the Dixie’s results, particular mention should be made of Harriat Whitehead, securing the perfect ten out of ten subjects at the top grade of 9. Those achieving an average higher than grade 8 across all subjects and with particular cause for celebration today are: Robyn Walker, Emily Turnbull, Ryan Smith, Emily Clement, Matthew Coutts, Jenny Smart, Kieran Thursby, Tilly Lynn and Millie Newall. Robyn, Emily Turnbull and Ryan secured the top grades 8 and 9 in all subjects.

As always, numbers fail to tell human stories and there are many who through constant application and expert support from teachers have far exceeded their own expectations. By way of example, Rhiannon Chiles’ results reflect remarkable progress from the January mock exams, increasing on average as they did more than two grades in each subject. As ever, some of the greatest personal achievements are not represented by GCSE grades alone. Whatever ambitions our students have, the firmest of foundations have been laid to help them manage the transition to further study.

I greatly look forward to welcoming a very strong Lower Sixth back to the Dixie to start their A level careers. Our small year groups will enable the Lower and Upper Sixth to be treated as one ‘bubble’ and we are delighted that all will therefore have full use of the Sixth Form House. Plans are developing for our new-build Sixth Form accommodation and these will be finalised this coming academic year. We have invested heavily in our teaching spaces over the summer break – all have been equipped with webcams enabling remote access in the case of student absence and allowing all lessons to be recorded and shared, supporting a full and immediate return to rigorous academic study regardless of future developments.

Richard Lynn