The events of the last few months have been extraordinary and the publication of the GCSE and A Level examination results, which were never sat, has been chaotic. The turmoil and heartache felt particularly by A level students and all associated with them has been immeasurable.

There will, I am sure, continue to be much debate about the validity of what was awarded nationally, but students at the Dixie who had the opportunity of proving themselves in the exams taken away at the last moment, have worked hard over the last two years and deserve reward and recognition for all their efforts and ability.

We took great care in calculating evidenced-based A Level and GCSE grades to submit to the Exam Boards. We had assumed we would be subject to intense scrutiny by Ofqual and, as such, made sure we could justify the awards with empirical data of past achievements: tests, exams, timed essays, coursework, Non-Examined Assessments etc. The Centre Assessment Grades we submitted were fully deserved. Inevitably, overall, they are in excess of previous years because there was no way to factor in those who, for whatever reason, fail to show their best in the exam hall.

For the record our A Level Results this year are as follows:

and our GCSE results:

Richard Lynn 22/8/2020