Art students in Year 11 and the Sixth Form spent a inspiring day with professional screen printing artist Karoline Rerrie.

During the course of the day, these budding artists had the opportunity to work closely with Karoline to develop their own screen printing skills. This not only gave the students an insight into the real-world applications of their skills but also a real boost in terms of their work towards their GCSE and A levels.

One student commented: “What a fantastic day! It was great to be shown this process by Karoline. It has given me lots of ideas about how to use this medium in my work and for how I could use my art skills in the future.”

Mrs Kathryn McGranaghan, Head of Art, who organised the event, commented: ‘I am delighted to have been able to bring the professional world into the classroom. Our students have learned so much from being with Kerrie. I’m proud of how they approached the day and really grateful for the support of my colleagues in organising today’s event. There will definitely be more to come.”