Our Year 7 Physics pupils are taking part in a nationwide “Let’s move to the Moon” challenge. This is a project funded by the UK Space Agency, supported by the Henry Royce Institute and universities around the country. Pupils will explore the material science challenges of space travel to learn how humans can get to the Moon, decide what humans should take with them and what could be made once on the moon.
Dr Chris Hamlett,  a lecturer in Materials Science at Birmingham University, visited the Year 7 class in school, bringing a large black Mission Suitcase.  Dr Hamlett gave a talk about how important materials are in our everyday life, such as those used in mobile phones. Using some science clues, students eventually were able to open the suitcase and explore some of the materials inside. In the next few weeks, students will be completing seven missions using the contents of the suitcase and learn about different properties of materials and some of the challenging conditions faced in space that will need to be overcome to build a moon base. All the missions are named after women who have made significant contributions to Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Maths (STEAM). Dr Hamlett will return to the school in a couple of months to discuss the class results and the project culminates in the launching of a 3D printed rocket with varying payloads!