A student at Dixie Grammar School has partnered with a local business to get real-world feedback on his A level project. Nottingham based start-up company ‘Cloud and Cuckoo‘ is one of very few manufacturers that design and make ethically-sourced and sustainable baby products. Archie Gudgeon, who is studying Design and Technology at A level, pitched his first concept ideas to Jenna (CEO and founder) who was remarkably impressed with the research he had carried out and the ideas he had come up with. Archie’s project centres around a new sustainable busy board that can be used by children between the ages of 0-5  and stimulates all the senses as well as building fine motor skills, curiosity and educational opportunities. Jenna was extremely excited about where the project could lead and commented that Dixie could have quite an influence on her next commercial product.

Feedback took place over Zoom and Archie is also using another tool borne out of lockdown called ‘Miro’, which allows him to share his work and get weekly feedback via its chat function.

Mr Mike Mellors, Archie’s teacher, commented, “I am delighted with what Archie has accomplished so far and with the partnership with and support from Cloud and Cuckoo. The benefits to all of seeing the real-world relevance of classroom work are huge and something I am passionate about.”