Dixie students have managed to provide well over 700 meals for those in need by working with Hinckley Food Bank. 

Charity Prefects at the Dixie Grammar School in Market Bosworth invited Chris and Patricia Hancock from the food bank into school to deliver an assembly highlighting the importance of such schemes locally and nationally.

The students were keen to help a local charity and selected this area of need in particular in response to the current cost of living crisis and its proximity to the school so that it would be the local community who could benefit most.

The older students in the school built on the messages delivered in assembly by organising a school-wide collection and managed to donate over 300 kilograms of food worth well over £700.

The school is a regular supporter of a wide range of charities as well as food banks and students are keen to maintain their work for such good causes.

One of the Sixth Form Tutors at the school commented, “As ever, I am hugely impressed by the skills shown by our Sixth Formers in organising this initiative from start to finish and it is great to be involved in helping our local community in such a meaningful way.  The example they set to the younger members of our school community should ensure that our long-standing tradition of charitable work continues for generations to come.”