Mark is a passionate advocate for education and community development. In June 2023, he was appointed as the Vice Chair of Governors, a role that reflects his deep commitment to fostering positive change in education.

With a background in strategic consultancy, Mark has dedicated his career to multidisciplinary projects that aim to improve society. He has collaborated closely with local and national governments, developing innovative programmes and interventions to drive positive behavioural change. Mark’s work extends across various sectors, including education, where he has significantly impacted schools throughout the UK.

Currently, Mark is focused on developing a cutting-edge, technology-led educational platform to equip young learners with the essential skills needed to navigate today’s world. His dedication to student engagement and digital literacy is evident in his published work, including his co-authorship of a chapter on advancing student-centred higher education.

Beyond his professional endeavours, Mark is a devoted parent with three children attending the school. This unique perspective provides valuable insights into the school’s operations and a genuine connection to its mission and values.