Jo became Chair of Governors in March 2017 having served on the Education Committee for 3 years. She is one of the two the Lead Governors for Child Protection. She has been associated with The Dixie Grammar School for over twenty years as her three children attended here before studying at the universities of Cambridge, Bristol and Cardiff.  

Jo works for Nottingham City Council as part of the Inclusive Education Service advising schools across the city.  Jo has a Bachelor of Education degree from Westminster College, Oxford. She was awarded the National Professional Qualification of Headship in 2006 and spent five years as Head Teacher of a Leicestershire junior school. She has taught children across the primary and secondary age ranges during her long career. At secondary level, she spent six years teaching English before going on to become an external marker for English for AQA at Key Stage 2. 

Jo lives in Warwickshire. Her elder daughter is a veterinary surgeon, her son a senior medical development engineer and younger daughter a production manager for a technology company. The “Dixie Difference” set them all on successful career paths and she is proud to serve an excellent grammar school as Chair of Governors.